for your Tesla Model S

for work, play, and the day-to-day

  • A Place for Everything

    Find a place to store your phone, wallet, and other items, or simply a place to rest it all without sacrificing any of the original storage beneath.

  • Continuity of Design

    They’ll never know it’s after-market with the seamless design that is formed to fit your Model S. Once seen, it’s hard to imagine the car without it.

  • Maximum Utility

    Whether taking care of business or traveling the open road, this console offers space for your laptop, books, media devices, and edibles (don’t worry, we won’t tell).

Product Overview

♦  Console is designed to fit the Tesla Model S (prior to March 2016)
♦  Designed and manufactured in the USA.

♦  Currently available for PRE-ORDER for $850.

♦  Available in custom surfaces to match your interior. (+$125)

♦  No shipping charges to the continental US for all orders placed by 5/31/16.

♦  Monthly project updates beginning in June.

♦  Delivery should be no later than EOY.



Now accepting pre-orders.

We have spent considerable time and expense on this project. We believe it is more than a finishing "touch". It's the console everyone wanted. Everyone that has seen it, thought Tesla made it.

* Guaranteed Delivery by EOY.
* If there are production delays beyond 12/31/2017 customer will be offered full refund.
* Best efforts will be made to match Tesla finishes on special order consoles.